August 03, 2004

radical change

More good stuff from Ringma and Ellul this morning:

The vision of the kingdom of God is always subversive, for it envisages a change from the old order to the new.

Ellul confides that "the issue of revolution... has remained central to my life." This may initially strike us as strange. Revolution is more the province of social activists than theologians.

But radical change, the key factor in any revolution, lies at the very heart of the biblical message. We believe in the need for the radical change of individuals through faith in Jesus Christ. We also believe that our communities should be touched by the redemptive and transforming grace of Christ. Moreover, we believe that our societies and their social, economic and political structures should be tempered by the values of God's kingdom. No area of life should remain untouched by the changing power that flows from the cross of Christ. Therefore, radical language that has become the sole province of parties of the traditional Left should be reappropriated by the Christian community as it seeks to work out a practical expression of Christianity governed by law and justice.

I love the word "radical". Jesus was radical... there was nothing subtle about His message. We all too often seem to forget that.

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