July 31, 2004

God be praised

I'm sitting here on the balcony watching something... beautiful.

The sun is setting and the sky is an incredible colour that has yet to be properly identified. A few minutes ago a cab pulled up to our gate. I guess the fare got out and left - I really wasn't paying attention. But now something remarkable is happening. Instead of leaving the driver turned off the engine, popped the trunk and got out of the car. Apparently the mat in the trunk doubles as prayer rug, because he's laid it on the ground and has removed his shoes. He's now absorbed in his prayers, being careful to face both the mat and his body to the east.

Today started out innocently enough. But, with too much time on my hands tonight and some self-indulgent aggrandizing of the past, I ended up having one of those "What have I done, and what the hell are we doing here?" kind of nights.

Now I'm watching a devout man kneeling out in front of our condo, and I feel better. Take this anyway you will, but watching him pray reminds me that God is in charge.

There is nowhere I would rather be.

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