July 21, 2004

no more tit-for-tat

Last night at The Whatever we did some lectio divina on Matthew 5:38-48 from The Message. What a powerful experience. Here are some of my notes I wrote sitting in the wicker chair out in the driveway...

Here's what spoke to me from the passage:
+ No more tit-for-tat!
+ Live generously!
+ Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst!
+ Your God-created self!

Is that all I do... love the lovable and greet those who greet me? Anybody can do that!

+ Use the occasion to practice Kingdom life!

These are the words I heard as I meditated on the passage:
"God says, 'This is what I do; I love everyone. The sun shines on everyone. The rain falls on everyone. Who are you to decide who deserves to be treated well, and who deserves a hard time? Love everyone!'"

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