July 17, 2004

trinitarian community II

(My compliments to the folks at The Brick Testament)

I teased you a little yesterday by saying I thought Larry Crabb's comments were "intriguing". Here's a peek just a little deeper into my head. (Better grab something solid.)

Lately I've been thinking about "the Trinity". I thoroughly messed up trying to articulate those thoughts to Sue last night, so I'm going to keep this short. The Trinity is high on the list of stuff I don't understand... and that's kind of my point.

Those of you who are parents may relate to this: think about the way you explain complex issues to your young children. You do your best to get the point across, but you do it in terms they can grasp. In the end you leave out a whole lot of details that you know will only confuse, and your explanation sometimes only vaguely resembles the reality of the situation.

I wonder how often God does that with us.

Specifically, I came to think that perhaps that might apply to our beliefs about the Trinity. Don't misunderstand me - I believe in a triune God. I believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I just don't get how it all fits together. And in the end, I think these thoughts lead me to perhaps "discount" the impact of the Trinity.

All that to say Larry Crabb's comments and some great thinkers like Eugene Peterson and Stan Grenz (who has a new book on the subject) have got me excited. Something resonates with me when I read about the trinity as a model for community.

Any thoughts on the subject?

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